IT system of the European Territorial Cooperation, IPA CBC and the ENI CBC Interreg Programmes.

The INTERREG+ IT system supports the implementation of the so called Interreg programmes, thus the European Territorial Cooperation, and the IPA CBC and the ENI CBC Programmes Hungary is involved in. The workflow-based system supports the programme and individual project implementation, and the complete financial management procedures. The INTERREG+ system is a management tool of the institutions involved in the implementation of the programmes (Managing Authority, National Authorities, Joint (Technical) Secretariats, Control Bodies, Contact Control Points, Certifying Authority, Audit Authority), which also supports communication and data transfer among the participating partner countries. Because of the international nature of the Interreg Programmes, it is now used in six partner countries.

The Front Office surface of the INTERREG+ system is used by the Beneficiaries and Lead Beneficiaries for submitting their Beneficiary, and Project Reports, while the Back Office surface is the management and monitoring tool for institutions involved in the implementation of the programmes.

User’s Manual