Our Present

As a key player in Hungarian development policy, our Company participates in the planning and implementation of development programs based on certain EU and domestic funds. We help our clients with complex services related to both sectoral and direct EU programs. They can easily reach our Company through our national network of consultants. With the participation of Hungary in the in the institutional system of the international cooperation programs our organizational system with decades of experience provides an essential professional capital in the planning and implementation of cross-border, interregional, transnational and other cooperation programmes.

About Us


The Permanent Secretariat and regional staff of the Hungarian National Rural Network (HNRN) became part of the SZPO. Following the successful completion of the work, the tasks of the HNRN will be performed by the Hermann Ottó Institute.

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With the takeover of VÁTI's tasks, our Company's portfolio expanded, which also meant entering the cross-border dimension of European Union funds.


The Hungarian Government establishes the Széchenyi Programme Office (SZPO), with the aim of promoting the implementation of the principals to applicant focus, quality and efficiency in the most perfect manner possible.

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We are proud to:

  • have a daily, direct and proactive relationship with our clients.
  • have been a consortium leader taking part in the realization of the GINOP-5.2.2-14 „Vállalkozz Magyarország! Supporting the Youth on Becoming Entrepreneurs” project.
  • be a consortium leader in the currently running GINOP-5.1.9-17-2017-00009 Vállalkozz velünk! Encouraging Job Seekers and Young People to become Entrepreneurs in the Central Transdanubian Region.
  • play a key role in the implementation of comprehensive domestic development programs.
  • have also played a role in the implementation of cross-border regional development programs and large international co-operations.
  • be a member of such an institutional system with such major international collaboration programs as the INTERREG, ENI and other transnational programs, and we also successfully participate in the implementation of the EEA and Norwegian Financing Mechanisms, as well as the Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation.
  • have been in co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, we participated in the implementation of the Highland Economic Development Program aimed at the development of domestically funded agricultural, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the Highlands.
  • also have a diverse, international experience in regional development concerns.
  • as a public institution, we utilize our domestic and foreign experiences for the development of Hungary in accordance with the Government's ideas.